A good car while it lasted

Subaru passing

Parked up and went for a walk on the beach on the Isle of Wight after Christmas. When we came back the car was not quite as we left it. There had been a small fire in the engine, of which there was no sign when we set off. The fire brigade, who kindly turned up while we were walking on the beach and wondering where all the black smoke was coming from, said it is not the first time they have seen this.

I had wanted to get rid of the car for some time, as I almost never use it. My wife is less pleased. Still, when it is time to go it is time to go, and I like to think that the Subaru’s soul is now in car heaven.

This post really isn’t about development, but I am hoping it might encourage me to start blogging again.


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2 Responses to “A good car while it lasted”

  1. Philip Says:

    Sounds like returning to a burnt-out home should really get the creative juices flowing. I would really like to read your views on current events in China & Asia. Are you still reviewing books on the region.? Hope your wife is feeling better.

    • joestudwell Says:

      It is largely about institutional development in China now, which Xi Jinping doesn’t seem to get. My eye is off east Asia in 2019 as I have a book project in Africa.

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