Giving the Democrats just one more chance…

The last 24 hours have taken about two years off my life. A long walk this morning trying to understand how, after four years of watching Trump, more people would vote for him than in 2016. Piketty was a name that came to mind as I ruminated.

In the end, it seems that, like the Blues Brothers, Joe Biden has charmed just about enough north-eastern white Boomer males to keep the tour on the road.

In the morning, if we are lucky, we will find that the proto-fascists are once again in the river.

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2 Responses to “Giving the Democrats just one more chance…”

  1. Sam Says:

    “Proto facist”

    For wanting to stop illegal immigration. Give over

    Why would ppl be in favour of blm and antifa violence and mayhem? Thats the real puzzle

  2. Matt mathews Says:

    You have a good point,ay the end. There are a lot more males (all races, mostly older) that are voting for Biden then voted for Hillary…I think it comes down to old fashioned sexism..while in theory nominating a woman for president in 2016 sounded great, there were (amd still are)a lot of older(?) men that did not want to vote for a woman president…if Penn goes Biden – see the stats show this..

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