Un-modern family

You’ve got a big mummy who hasn’t aged that well but has cash. Your dad is a bit flash but somewhat light-weight and ineffectual. And you are still sponging off your parents despite the fact you are 75 years old.

Sound familiar? That’s right, it’s the Germany-France-Italy relationship.

The sight of Frau Merkel and Sarko-I-can-do-a-serious-face-too chastising Big Baby Silvio Berlusconi is like watching some super-sick sitcom that makes Modern Family seem like straight play.

Sil is going to have an emergency cabinet meeting (FT sub) to talk about really really really doing something to sort out Italy’s structural problems.

I am soooooooo excited.



Mum and Dad are questioned about Sil:

Here is the presser where a journalist asks in French if Mummy Merkel and Daddy Sarko find Sil’s promises about what he is going to do convincing. The facial expressions are priceless. There have been a couple of hundred thousand page views already.

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